Sweet Summer Photography


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You are born as a photographer – even if one is not always aware of it, it is usually from the beginning deep in one’s own personality, one’s own being. It is this passion that compels us to perpetuate the moments that would otherwise be lost forever. But sometimes it takes an impetus, an extraordinary moment, for us to have the courage to walk our path and do what makes us happy. Although I discovered my great passion for photography many years ago, I owe it to a very special encounter that it became my destiny …

It is the people around us who enrich and shape our lives, and it is the moments we experience together that make each day special. I would like to share this fascination and therefore invite you cordially to save with me special, but also quite everyday situations and experiences – for eternity … If you can discover this love for detail and the view for the people in front of the camera in my pictures, then I would be happy to hear from you …

Miroslaw Urbanek

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